Nick is joined by No Goblin’s Dan Teasdale to check out Roundabout, an open-world puzzle-game where you control a spinning limo!”

Want to see a huge chunk of uninterrupted Roundabout gameplay with commentary? Check out this stream I did with Nick Robinson over at Revision3!


One of the things we’re including in the Deluxe Edition is “The Making of Roundabout”, a huge compendium of art, stories, and the full Roundabout screenplay.

Check out how completely rad this is! Not only does it include the full 87 page shooting script from Roundabout, we’ve also annotated it with our stories and notes. On top of that, Panzer has also put together these brilliant art pages that talk about the origins of our characters, our logo, some behind the scenes pics - pretty much anything you could ever want!

If you haven’t already, you’re probably going to want the Deluxe Edition. Not only does it include “The Making of Roundabout”, it comes with the soundtrack, bonus unreleased videos and cut FMV, seven playable prototype and early builds showing the progression of the game, and Georgio Cam: the first-person April Fools Experience. All for only $5 more!

Pre-order Roundabout Deluxe Edition right here!

(P.S. If you already bought Roundabout but want the Deluxe Edition now, don’t panic! We’ll be releasing it as a separate add-on purchase at launch too!)

Here’s our official statement for streaming and LPs of Roundabout. The short version: go nuts! 

The long version:

No Goblin LLC gives permission for anyone to stream or record gameplay footage of Roundabout and share it on YouTube, Twitch or other video sharing or streaming portals.

This permission also covers:

  • Monetization. You may monetize any videos you record of Roundabout, provided you link to in the description of the video.

  • Day 1 LPs and streams. If you post on a forum that has a “no LPs until x months after release, unless the dev says it’s cool” rule: It’s cool. We are 100% okay with LPs and streams on the day of release.

In the unlikely event that you get a Content ID match on a Roundabout video, please let us know at either @RoundaboutGame or on email (biz at no goblin dot com) so that we can chase down whoever is issuing it.


To celebrate Roundabout coming out THIS THURSDAY, we’ve put our T-Shirts on sale for 40% OFF!



Those savings are crazy! "How do they do it?" you wonder? It’s simple! Dan thinks of a random number while Panzer is sleeping and puts it in the sale slot in our merch store! Get these savings quick, they’ll only be around while Roundabout itself is on sale or until supplies last!

THREE DAYS REMAIN. Don’t forget to pre-order at!

Anonymous asked:

Will this game support and show buttons for PS3 controllers on Mac/Linux? Looking forward to this game either way though! Keep up the amazing work!

100% YES! 

If you use a PlayStation 3 controller on any platform, it should work and show the correct PlayStation button icons. We even support those wacky Shenghic knock off PS3 controllers!

One week until Roundabout is out! We’re in our last mad dash of fixing bugs and adding minor polish. Things are looking good!

Now, I understand some of you may have been holding off on pre-ordering until you knew for sure if Roundabout was a classy game or not. I have whipped together a quick sneak peek at one of Roundabout’s most high class extras, Roundabutt Mode. Enjoy! 


Don’t forget: Preorder for 20% off at either or the Humble Store! Add us to your Steam Wishlist! Follow us on Twitter!

I’m really happy to be able to let you all know that Roundabout will be at the RT DriveQuest for AbleGamers event this Saturday! We’ll be sending a near-final build of Roundabout for people to check out either in person, or on their fundraising livestream this Saturday.

If you’re not aware of AbleGamers, they’re a fantastic charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for those with disabilities through the power of video games. They do fantastic work in promoting game accessibility, and as a developer I really appreciate the work they’ve done on their “Includification" guide. Donate money to them so they can keep doing this rad work!

In Austin? Click that link and grab some tickets!

Not in Austin? Stay tuned for a link to the livestream closer to Saturday.